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    Different date filters for rows

    Kliment Merzlyakov

      Hi everybody!


      I am trying to create report with sliding dates. I didn't find the answer so far, probably you could help.


      I have two data sources. One has advertising campaigns and date period when these campaigns were active (2_Campaigns.xlsx attached). The second has information about sales with orders related to campaigns, revenue and dates of these orders (1_Sales.xlsx attached).


      What I am trying to reach is to see total revenue of each campaigns but only of orders within period when campaign was active. 


      I have a solution (My trying.twb attached), but it is not really what I want. It works only if I put all orders in the view, but I don't want to see information about each order, I just want aggregation sum of campaign.


      Any help would be valueable.

      Thank you for your attention,