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    How to count duplicate rows in data file for single contact as single contact

    Juan Barnett

      Complaint Data.JPG


      Hello everyone.



      I'm in the process of putting together a few vizzies for vehicle complaint data using NHTSA's publicly available flat files. I'd like to align my workbook to work with the native file (FLAT_CMPL.txt). The challenge I'm facing right now is that in many of my counts for total records for a single automaker or model I'm getting duplicates.

      When a consumer contacts NHTSA their "complaint" can be counted multiple times if it crosses over multiple components. For example I could call in and say my tire isn't working right and my suspension is making funny sounds. This would be captured in multiple rows - yet will retain a single ODINO number (highlighted in image above).


      I want to learn the best way to filter out duplicate ODINO numbers to allow my counts of contacts to be reflective of single contacts.


      Thank you all!