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    Difference between two columns for multiple Measures

    Bhumin Shah

      Hi Everyone ,

      Hope you all are doing great.


      I am facing some difficulty in creating one report here


      As per my attached screen shot-


      MTD, MTD LY,

      QTD,QTD LY,

      YTD, YTD LY     -  all are coming from one dimension.


      and i have many measures as well, like delivered,Uniqueopen etc.


      what my requirement is - need to add calculations between the values of dimension



      TY, LY, TY / LY

      MTD, MTD LY , MTD / MTD LY

      QTD,QTD LY, , QTD / QTD LY

      YTD, YTD LY  , YTD / YTD LY.


      as attached in another screen shot (prototype ).


      Could you please help me - how to achieve this ?



      Bhumin Shah.