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    Embedded report over proxy

    zoran kokovic



      We are using trusted tickets and embedding tableau reports in one of our dashboards.


      Setup: UI application calls gateway service, that forwards the call to proxy which forwards the call to tableau server. Proxy is trusted host for tableau server.


      | ui dashboard | -> | api gateway | -> |tableau trusted proxy|  -> | tableau server |


      The problem is with location header that is received from server after checking trusted ticket. (that would be step 5 in How Trusted Authentication Works)  )


      When UI makes a call to:




      The call is forwarded to proxy and forwarded to tableau server. The ticket is valid and tableau server responds with 302 and location header (without the trusted segment). The response contains headers to set workgroup_session_id, and XSRF-TOKEN (all fine)


      Problem is that this location header has proxy address (http://proxy/t/SiteName/views/WorkbookName), and not the gateway address. After the location is followed, we get the Tableau server Auth page.




      Is there a way to instruct Tableau server on which host to use when returning final embedded report address?