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    Cascading filters and clearing filters


      Dear all,


      This question might sound silly so sorry if there is an obvious answer. I didn't manage to find it (or at least phrase my query in a way that allowed me to find it).


      I have a report that is using filters with a hierarchy:

      1. Market

      2. Trade Channel

      3. Location

      4. Point of Sale


      All of these need to show values based on what is selected (so for instance if I choose a specific trade channel, I can only see the Markets that have it, or location, or point of sales). This is working using 'show relevant values' for all filters except for Market which has 'all values in DB'.


      Now the question I have is the following: imagine that I have specified a market (let's say Market 1), a trade channel (let's say TC1) and a location (let's say L1). I now want to know what is happening for another market (Market 2) that does not have TC1.

      I can select Market 2 but then my data disappears since TC1 stays filtered and Market 2 does not have a trade channel called TC2. Is there a way that when someone changes a filter in the hierarchy, all other filters from this hierarchy automatically clear?


      I am using in parallel 1 filter based on Brand. However, I need to be able to choose all markets (if the market does not have the Brand filtered, I just show an empty row) which is why I put 'show all data from database'.


      Any idea on how I can proceed?


      Thanks a lot!