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    Change default data before user action populates sheets on dashboard

    Tim Bailey



      I have a dashboard that consists of a map with filled polygons. When a user chooses a polygon, it shows data for this polygon (neighborhood) in the form of a pie chart and bubble chart. The problem I have is that before the user's action, the dashboard shows data for all polygons (neighborhoods) combined, which in this case is nonsensical. One solution I have found is to change the measure values to average. That way, the default data is the average of all neighborhoods. The problem with this is that the measure names then show as average - measure name (jobs by sector) when I would prefer them to just show the measure name plainly (jobs by sector) as it does when the measure values are left as sum(). The ideal solution would be to have the default data that shows before user action be county wide data on jobs by sector. I have this data but I cannot figure out how to make it display when no neighborhood is selected. I have access to the county shapefile, and I could geocode it and join it with my other datafile (as I did with the neighborhood polygons), but before I go through that trouble, I thought I would get on here to find any wisdom about whether default data can be changed from the sum of all polygons (neighborhoods) with user action directing populating data. So, ideally, I would like the dashboard to show county wide data on the pie chart and bubble graph, until the user chooses a neighborhood, at which point, this action will filter the data to only show for the chosen neighborhood. If this is not possible, I would like the average of all neighborhoods data to be shown in the pie chart and bubble graph without the word avg shown in the measure names. I have attached a workbook with measure values set to sum(), and a workbook with measure values set to avg(). Please let me know if anything in my post is unclear, and I will do my best to clarify.


      Thanks in advance and cheers!