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    Double-click for zoom in doesn't work anymore

    Dominique Trincat

      Hi all,


      I'm facing a strange issue.

      I have a graph with 2 vertical axis (continuous measures) and a horizontal axis (with a discrete dimension).

      I'm pretty sure I was able to zoom in using a mouse double-click before I install latest 9.2 patch (9.2.9).

      But now, the double click doesn't work anymore, only the Ctrl-Alt click combination seems to work.


      Little detail: if the horizontal axis has a continuous measure, double click will work.


      Am I the only one facing this issue?

      Is there any hidden option to retrieve the old double click zoom feature?

      Thanks for your help




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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Dominique;


          I believe the issue is your use of the discrete measure. Tableau interprets these as individual columns (or rows, depending where you have them), so I don't think it can effectively "zoom." This tip may work for you, though:



          Good luck!

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            Dominique Trincat

            You're totally right it's because I use a discrete measure, I already figured this out ... but my concern is: it was working before...

            I showed to some end-users the double-click zoom trick and now without changing anything in the worksheet but just upgrading tableau version it is not working anymore...


            Anyway, I did some search and found that the following idea https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1043 may have led to this new behaviour.

            If you look at Sean Boon post on 22-FEB-2016, he seems to confirm that this will be the new default behaviour (no zoom when a discrete measure is used).


            "(...)Well, since it's a birthday, maybe there ought to be some presents .  We have added a feature that is currently in Beta for 9.3 that will adopt the same behavior that we have in desktop, which has been in desktop for a little while now.  For sheets being rendered in the browser on Tableau Server, double-clicking in a plot that has just a single quantitative (continuous) axis will no longer zoom on double click.  You don't have to do anything to configure it. It is just the new behavior. (...)"


            I'm quite disapointed I would have expect that the solution retained would have been the same as for maps: an explicit option to disable Pan and Zoom...

            Changing a default behaviour is quite different than offering new options.



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              Michael Hesser

              This is excellent sleuthing, Dominique! I'm sorry the new behavior doesn't work like it did before...


              I hope you'll be able to find a suitable work-around. If not-- you're in the perfect place where there are boatloads of people smarter than me that can help you out!


              Wishing you the best!