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    Pages History - plot history trails based only on certain fields?

    Stuart Coggins

      Hi all,


      I'm struggling to get Pages history trails to work how I would like. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have Year in the Pages shelf, and it's currently set to 2015, so is showing the difference between 2014 and 2015. The two products in the 'Mature' lifestage are correctly joined up by a trail, as Tableau knows that they share the same life stage, income trend and substage (and only the year is changing)




      My issue is that the product in the 'Scale' lifestage does not have a history trail, as between 2014 and 2015 the substage changes from 2 to 3 and the income trend changes from 'Stable' to 'Growth'. Can anyone help me with a way to effectively ignore the Substage and Income Trend dimensions and plot history based just on the Product dimension?


      Hope that makes sense and many thanks!

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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Stuart,


          Please consider that without a data set you are speaking gibberish/greek/something!  Instead of focusing on the specifics of your data set, because you have not shared a workbook or data this sounds like a possible usage of a Level of Detail Calculation (LOD). The LOD allows you to look at more than one level of detail in the same view. By default, and much to your chagrin the level of detail is based on the things you use on  your columns, rows, filters, pages, etc shelves. But you use a function called EXCLUDE. It will allow you to remove effects of Substage.


          Here is a link that will help - with more data others can be of assistance or you can internalize this blog and rock your own issues! Enjoy!




          Carl Slifer


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            Stuart Coggins

            Hi Carl,


            thanks for your reply, and I appreciate the usefulness of supplying data or a workbook! I'll make sure I do that next time.


            Incidentally, through (a lot of) trial and error, this seems to be working as I wanted now. I ended up changing 'Substage' on my Columns from a dimension to an attribute, and 'Income trend' on the Colour shelf to an attribute. I've never quite got my head around Attributes but to my understanding Tableau is no longer aggregating on those dimensions and so now is able to display the Products as I wanted.