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    Max/Top Date Filtering for Scorecard

    Jaimin Modi



      I started using Tableau 3 months ago - I am really impressed by this tool. This is my first post/question.


      I am working on a mock/proof of concept dashboard where I have three sections - 1st section is for charts, 2nd section consist of 4 tables and 3rd floating section has 6 KPI with LW (last week), Prior 6 Weeks, QTD (Quarter to Date) and YTD (Year to Date) as well as up and down arrow. Majority of the dashboard is controlled by two filters - Store Format and Select Date Range filters. Select Date Range has couple of option but when Custom Dates option is selected then it is controlled by Start Week and End Week.


      So, question I have is with Section 3 (Scorecard) - Initial requirement was to designed Static scorecard (Just fixed LW, Prior 6 Weeks, QTD, and YTD)  but now requirement has been changed to dynamic scorecard based on date selected. So new requirement is when in Select Date Range - Custom Dates option is selected then LW should show last week in that custom date range, same goes for Prior 6 Weeks, appropriate QTD, and YTD. I kind of know logic but I just can't make it work.


      Currently, for static scorecard I have set up  top by field to make it work but for dynamic scorecard I find it hard to control


      I would appreciate your help.

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          Hey Jaimin,


          Thank you for asking a great question and providing a packaged workbook. However, it looks like your question still fell through the cracks. If you're still hoping for help, I would contact support by using our web form tableau.com/support/request. If you've already found a solution, please let us know and share!