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    How to calculate total from calculated field

    Felix Loo

      Hi, I am working with a calculated field, however, when trying to calculate totals, the number go wrong. I will try to explain what i did

      I have two tables, related. (image 1). When the data is shown, the results for each project (field nombre) is ok (for calculated field) (image 2). However, when I take

      out the "Nombre" , the calculation go wrong. (image 3).   What I am doing wrong?


      The calculated field use this sentence, not sure if it is the right way but it works.

      IIF(SUM([Incremental (BD)].[% De Incrementalidad])>0,SUM([Incremental (BD)].[% De Incrementalidad])*SUM([FACT]),SUM([FACT]),SUM([FACT]))



      image 3