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    Alphabetic filtering on all worksheets


      Dear all,


      I am working on a dashboard that takes on information as follows:


      Main BrandSub BrandPrice in Market 1Price in Market 2Price in Market 3
      Coca ColaNormal$1$1.2


      The columns 'Main Brand' and 'Sub Brand' represent one worksheet.

      Each Market Price is also a separate worksheet. This is because the user can use 'Region' and 'locations' filters for each Market to specify what they want to do (I therefore had to use one dimension as multiple filters). I have one color per worksheet.


      As you can see I selected 'show empty rows' so that I get the same number of lines across each report (otherwise I would have had 3 lines for Price in Market 2 and the lines would have been shifted up which would not have corresponded with the Main Brand and Sub Brand).


      Now my question is as follows: I want to ensure that if a user filters alphabetically the report with 'Main Brand' and 'Sub Brand' that the alphabetical order is reciprocated to the other report (otherwise the brands and prices would not be right).


      Is there a way to do this in Tableau?


      Thanks a lot