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    Mail Generation Script.


      Hello All,


      I tried all possibilities to get the exact script but when I try to implement the same I m unable to get the output.


      Please find the below script and please help me out with the exact one.




      tabcmd login -s https://devbisgaptab.jnj.com -t **** -u **** -p ******


      tabcmd  get "https://devbisgaptab.jnj.com/#/site/MDD/views/DailySalesReportOrthoAU/DailySalesReportOrthoAU-Daily" -f "D:\users\Report.pdf"


      -SMTP AP.JNJ.COM "*****" -FROM "****"

      tabcmd logout




      1) Do I need to include entire VIEW URL along with ?:iid=3 ( Tableau desktop version 9)

      2) SMTP command is correct one?

      3) any changes needs to be done in the script?

      4) febootimail.exe is not supporting, I excluded that?

      5) any double quote to be used?






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