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    condition colour ( above and below average) doesn't work

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I am stuck and I don't know, what I am doing wrong.

      I have create a bar chart and inserted a reference line, that will display the average per bar.

      Till that line bar should be displayed in one color and after that line bar should be displayed in a different color.


      I have created following calculation:

      If Sum[Value] > Window_Avg(Sum([Value]) then "Above Average" else "Below Average" end


      If I drag the field on the color shelf it will color the whole bars, that are either totally under average or longer than average

      But I want to have it for each bar.

      I hope the picture will make it clear => part after reference line should be colored in different color then the bar part before the reference line.




      What did I do wrong?



      I am more than happy about any comments or hints.


      Best regards