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    Help with graphs

    Federico Echeverri

      Hello, I'm relatively new to Tableau, and I'm looking for help recreating the same graphs (or similar) I produced in Excel, but in Tableau. Attached you'll find the Excel file I use to create the following graph.

      I created this graph merging 4 graphs together and then aligning the grid lines,(which I guess would be the same idea as merging 4 tableau worksheets together). I tried to get a similiar result in tableau but couldn't do it.

      I'm asking for help creating a dashboard with this graph or similar in tableau. You'll find the excel file attached.

      Thank you!!

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          venkata sreekanth

          Hi Federico,


          I have understand the half of half your requirement.I'm completed and attached the dashboard.I have understand 1 & 3 chats.

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            Federico Echeverri

            Thank you very much Venkata!


            as you can see, graphs 1 and 3 (the ones you created are made up of the vertical columns), while graphs 2 and 4 of a few horizontal lines in the upper  part of the Excel spreadsheet. What I'm trying to merge graph 1 and 3, which have the same time span, and 2 and 4 (which share the same time span too).


            The first to graphs begin at october 2015 and finish at our current date, while the other 2 begin at our current date and end up 2 years from now.


            For starters, the horizontal axes have different scales, the first scale would be a monthly increase for a whole year while on the second axis we can see longer periods of time, 2 or three months (this in order to be able to fit everything in a graph even if the time-span is not accurate).


            What you created for the first 2 graphs is perfect! I would need to unify them with other 2 graphs in order to create a whole image.

            To give you an idea i pasted together what you already did with the other half.


            Btw, is there a way to put some color inside the graphs, some grid lines maybe??


            Thank you very much once again.


            Federico E

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              venkata sreekanth

              Hi Federico,


              Yes, we can able to plot the grid lines.

              Menu>Format>Lines on left side you will get the Format lines change based on your requirement.




              Venkata Sreekanth

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                Federico Echeverri

                Hello Venkata,

                Based on what you did I created the following graphs. I attached the file in order for you to be able to see what I did (some fields are named differently than the original file but have the same content).   

                How do you think I can modify these graphs in order to make them more user friendly, easier for my users to read? I would like to lose the empty space in the middle, is there anyway I can join them together better??

                Thank you,


                Federico E