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    JavaScript API not responding

    Prophecy Nxumalo

      Hi I am new in using JavaScript API. I got the script from one of the sources online and changed few things like URL. I don't know whether I am on the right path I have been testing the script to the browser but it is not showing up any results. Please help me:


      Here is the script below.





          <script type="text/javascript" src="https://10ay.online.tableau.com/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js"></script>

          <script type="text/javascript">


          var viz, workbook;


          window.onload() =function(){

          var vizDiz = document.getElementById('viz');

          var vizURL = 'SERVER-NAME/views/visualization';

          var options = {

              width: '600px',

              height: '540px',

              hideToolbar: true,

              hideTabs: true,

              onFirstInteractive: function(){


                  document.getElementById('sheetName').innerHTML = viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().getNam



          viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(vizDiz,vizURL, options);




      function switchView(sheetName){


                  workbook = viz.getWorkbook();






      function showOnly (filterName, values){


                  sheet = viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet();

              if    (sheet.getSheetType() == 'worksheet'){

                  sheet.applyFilterAsync(filterName,values, 'REPLACE');

          }    else {

                  worksheetArray = sheet.getWorksheets();

              for(var i = 0; i<worksheetArray.length; i++){

                  worksheetArray[i].applyFilterAsync(filterName, values, 'REPLACE');






      function selectMarks(filterName, values){


                  sheet = viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet();

          if        (sheet.getSheetType() ==  'worksheet'){

                  sheet.selectMarksAsync(filterName,values, 'REPLACE');


          else {

                  worksheetArray = sheet.getWorksheets();

          for        (var i=0;i<worksheetArray.length; i++){

                  worksheetArray[i].selectMarksAsync(filterName,values, 'REPLACE');   












              <a onClick="switchView('QtyOnHandOverTime')">Qty On Hand Over Time</a> |

              <a onClick="switchView('DailySalesReport')">Daily Sales Report</a> |

      <!--    <a onClick="showOnly('Category','Book')">Show Only Books</a> |

              <a onClick="selectMarks('Category','Book')">Select Books</a> -->




          <div id='viz'></div>