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    Navigate to a worksheet based on measure names selection

    Sridhar M

      Hi Viz Experts,



      I have a requirement and would need some assistance in achieving the same. I have five measures split by category; I need to navigate(link) a different worksheet based on the measure user selects.




                            Apr      May      June

      Sales             200     400       600

      Profit             100      200       300

      Order Qty       20       100      150



      So if user select lets says "Sales" it should lead to a different worksheet which has sales details for the selected period, like wise if use selects "Profit" it should navigate/link to a different worksheet which has profit details for the selected period. Each worksheet (Sales details/Profit details/Order Qty Details has different criteria to list the numbers of columns and so building a generic report for navigation is not possible, the goal is to navigate to different worksheets based on user measure selection.