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    Is it possible to set the starting value for a dimension placed on the pages shelf?

    Angela Mc Taggart

      I have the following situation:


      Dashboard 1: A map showing countries.  Clicking on a country will take you to Dashboard 2


      Dashboard 2: Detailed information for the selected country.  (No problem so far!)  However, the user would now like to scroll through all the countries, one by one on Dashboard 2, with the countries listed in a specific order, for example by decreasing sales volume.  The Pages shelf would provide this functionality if I put Country on the Pages shelf - but I can't set the Pages shelf to start with the country that the user has selected.


      Using a filter action from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2 doesn't work either - the user arrives on Dashboard 2 with the selected country showing, but then the Page controls will not work as there is one only country in the filtered dataset.


      I could clear the filter by using another filter action on Dashboard 2, set to "Show all values" when the selection is cleared - however, the user would then have to double-click a worksheet in Dashboard 2 to set, then clear the filter.


      I'd appreciate any ideas on how to implement this type of dashboard navigation,