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    How to do Double Aggregation using Tableau

    Nikhil Chhazed


      I am having a hard time doing a double aggregation in Tableau.I have a certain user data and using some set of rules(using Calculated Field) i determine which state currently they are in.


      Now i used LOOKUP function to compare their current state from previous month again using another Calculated Field lets say i call them "Tranformations".


      Now i want to calculate the Count Of Users for each type of transformations for a month. The results should show up as


      Transformations March April May June

      Same              3      2   1    0

      Ignore            0      2   2    4     

      Gain              0      0   1    0  

      Decline           1      0   0    0


      A Possible way to do this that i can think of was to publish The "Transformations" Workbook as a Data Source so that it doesn't treat the Values Of Transformations as Aggregated Field. But i dont think this way is supported in Tableau.


      I would appreciate any help on this!! I have attached the Tableau Workbook for reference.