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    Two types of lines in same graph

    Melissa Fanucci

      Hi everyone - first post in the community, very new to Tableau.

      I've got a graph I've typically done showing two sets of data together, to maximize information in the space. I have lines of car volume data for four border crossings, so the lines are colored by crossing. But I also have the data broken into direction, northbound and southbound. I'd like all the northbound lines to be dashed, and all the southbound lines to be solid.


      I've looked into the community answers and it looks like this isn't doable from what I can tell, but I thought I'd double check with folks to see if the new version avails options. I CAN make it work by dragging "Direction" into the Size mark, but I don't want to differentiate them by size, since it gives greater value to one direction over the other.


      Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice people can provide. I'm very excited about using Tableau.