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    Can I change calculated field label to actual max date that calculated field is based on?

    Mark Fagan

      I am new to Tableau and have created 5 different calculated fields for the past 5 weeks  Each week has a rolling 4 weeks of data in the calculated field (if there are other options of showing rolling 4 weeks by 5 separate week-ending dates, that would be great too!).  This file will change weekly with updated prior week data.


      Instead of showing the alias label that I created (shown in chart below) from the calculated field I want to see the week-ending dates that each of the 5 calculated fields are representing like this for each column section:


      W/E 05/28/2016     W/E 06/04/2016     W/E 06/11/2016     W/E 06/18/2016     W/E 06/28/2016



      Exp 5 weeks.JPG


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!