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    Tableau formating

    Nishika Tamta

      Hi ,



      I have some question regarding the formatting in tableau workbook .


      1. I want to do conditional formatting in one column in sheet . eg . in the report I just want to format % profit ratio (if it is >1 then green else red) but the calculation is changing all the column .I just need % profit to be formatted.


      2. How can I show grand total in only black color with conditional formatting grand total is also getting changed.

      3.How can future weeks be automatically be filtered out ?(e.g. if I want to subscribe to this report I always wanted to see current week end date and the data back towards the first ship date ?)


      Please find the attached workbook.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          This is one of most "Tricky" knowhow.

          It's quite troublesome, but I don't know the other way at this point.

          Actually, the TIPS itself is very well-known at least in this community.



          Put "Number of Records" field to Column and change measure to "Minimum"

          Copy that field pill x 5.  (Three Column x Top/Bottom header)

          These green pills are place holder of "Text" display and he relationships are below.

          Change the chart type into "Text" for odd chart and into Bar for even chart.( Only for the purpose of easy recognition)

          And Change the Bar chart color to 0% transparency.



          Edit Axis one by one X 6







          9.2 attached.

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            This is the way to filter out future date.

            The data is old, so I created parameter instead of "today()".


            In actual data, you can put "today()" instead to hide future dates.




            I don't know the way to change the format of G.Total, unfortunately.