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    Nested Pie Chart Drill Down

    Abhinav Sharma


      My query actually has two parts. It might be childish, so please forgive my naivety.


      I am trying to emulate a pie chart drill down. When a user clicks on a sector in a pie chart, another pie chart comes up either replacing the original pie chart or behind it with a bigger radius.

      Imagine two pie charts - Pie Chart 1 and Pie Chart 2.
      Stacked one on top of the other, with Pie Chart 1 on top with radius increasing as we move down the stack.


      I have an action filter on my Pie Chart 1 which brings up Pie Chart 2 behind it. The only thing that kills the deal is the white background of the sheet.


      Q1) I have had no luck adding a transparent png image to the background of the sheet. I might be missing something crucial so if anyone can point me to correct steps that have to be taken to get that transparent background that would be helpful.


      Q2) Since making dashboard sheet transparent is not something natively implemented in Tableau yet, and the only workaround is a "hack" with transparent image, is there a way to switch sheets within the same dashboard?  Which for me would mean that, when I click on a sector in Pie Chart 1 the sheet is "hidden/removed" and the Pie Chart 2 sheet comes up in its place.

      The nesting is not limited to 2 pie charts, it might go up further up.


      To give you a feel of what I am trying to achieve you can check this link




      My attempts might be too far fetched, but as long as I am able to replace the sheets when a sector is clicked and the next pie chart comes up, it would be great.