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    Overlaying zip codes on top of county

    Amarendra Donthala

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on a project which has a tricky requirement.


      I am trying to analyze the top 3 affected zip codes in every county. However, i would like to show a clear differentiation between different counties and then try to show the top zip codes (color coding may be). Lets say i have color coded the counties and we have 4 counties which are affected. The county with the darkest color shall show the zip codes that are badly hit. This wouldn't work for two reasons.


      1. Counties borders cannot be made thicker

      2. Generally speaking, this wouldn't work as zip code is at a granular level and counties the opposite.


      When i tried a dual map with county and zip code, the visual had become a mess. I would like to reach out to you guys and ask for suggestions, if there a better way of doing this ?


      Please help me out with this. I have attached the sample data as well.