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    How to exclude values from a calculated field

    Haley Howard

      Hi everyone,


      I have a calculated field that identifies whether or not a variable is marked as "Current" or "Out of Date," AND forecasts the current data into going out of date in the next 6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18+ months. I then have made a count of the variables within these fields, to create a bar chart.


      My issue here is that I want to separate the "Current" and "Out of Date" fields from the "Next 6 months," "6-12 months," "12-18 months," and "18+ months" fields. I already have another chart created with only the "Current" and "Out of Date" data. I would like to have these two charts separate (Current and Out of Date in one chart, the rest of the fields in the other chart) just to make the information clearer to the users.


      I tried doing this by omitting the "Current" and "Out of Date" from the calculated field that forecasts my data, however this creates a null field. When I display the charts, I don't want the null fields, nor do I want the "Current" and "Out of Date" to be available through a filter. I need to only show those forecasted values in one chart, and the current and out of date values in another.



      My question is this: is there a way apply a permanent filter on a calculated field, so that when a user selects one of the bars in the chart and my report shows the underlying data within the dashboard (through Actions), and the user then unfilters the data, that those hidden values do not show back up?


      OR Is there a way to modify this calculated field so that nulls do not exist, and only the forecasted data is show?


      OR (lastly) is there a way to split the current calculated field that includes all of the data I need into two separate bar charts, that doesn't include filters?


      Thanks in advance!