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    Tableau Chart

    Mila T

      Hello again!

      Guys, is it possible to make a chart like in the 2nd picture below which I create in Excel? As you can see from the first picture I have in Tableau "Actuals" sheet and 10 Sheets with Forecast methods. Every week I copy/paste the data from Tableau into Excel to create a final chart as you can see in the second picture. So, is there any possibility to avoid this copy/paste data every week and to finish the job in Tableau?

      Thank you in advance.

      Capture_All.JPGExcel Chart.JPG

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          Mila T

          Any idea regarding this?

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            Mila T

            Is it possible to do this in Tableau or no?

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Here is my approach.


              Assuming you have ACT data in one file, and other forecast data in separate multiple files.

              And assuming ACT data has all the date you want to show in the VIZ, but not future data in it(recognized as null) ==> see below table.


              Link Forecast data only with "Date"


              On primal data source of ACTUAL, create formula to get forecast data.

              [FSCT 1]

              if isnull(sum([ACtual]))=True then SUM([FCST1].[Value FSCT1]) END


              Create similar calculated for FSCT 2~10 as well.


              When you add new data to Actual, FSCT data is automatically replaced by actual with set formula.






              9.2 attached

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                Mila T

                Could you please "save as" in compatible mode for Tableau 9.1 as I can't open attached workbook.

                One more thing to mention. I have already had Actuals in Tableau. Don't have any Excel file or base for Actuals and Forecast to connect with Tableau. I pull these data directly from Tableau, but don't know how to make a chart as you sent me, as I need identical one  


                Thank you in advance.

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                  Shinichiro Murakami

                  There are no way to downgrade with "save as".

                  To tell the truth, downgrade is not easy, and in this case, I need to start from scratch to create same VIZ in 9.1, which takes time......

                  From next time, telling your tableau version helps us to avoid this issue. 

                  Not complaining, but just want to avoid wasting time for all the community members.





                  9.1 attached.

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                    Mila T

                    Sorry man, I have been working with your file for 2 days but can't figure out how to get Calculated Filed as you are.

                    I don't know but I have only one data-source. How do you mean to create for every forecast tab formula as my forecast tabs are just Forecast options from first tab (Actual). It's not another database. Actually, it is Forecast Indicator in Tableau and is it possible to create a formula for that?


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                      Shinichiro Murakami

                      I hope I understand your request now.

                      But the task you suppose to do is quite troublesome.

                      I'm not sure you prefer my approach or keeping it done with excel.


                      I attached Video, but after mostly simplified, it took more than 5 mins.


                      It still take your time for sure, But anyway, please try to understand thru the Video.






                      9.1 attached as well.


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                        Mila T

                        Thank you very much.

                        I'm gonna watch this video and inform you about my final result.

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                          Mila T

                          Finally, I have succeeded . Great work!

                          One more question. As I noted we have step Copy Data/Paste Data and get new sheet(s) with values. So if I change something in Forecast Options (original sheet) (e.g. ignore last 2 or 3 months) it doesn't have impact on "Pasted Data" sheet if you understand me. Is there any chance to update that automatically in "Pasted Data"?


                          Thanks once again for everything!

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                            Shinichiro Murakami

                            At this point, there are no way.

                            Yet, there still be idea posting.




                            But making only one step simpler is publish each clipboard data to Tableau server.

                            Then you don't need to create new formula at each time.

                            Though, still have risk to publish to different datasource.



                            And one more thing, could you mark my answer "correct".




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