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    Tableau offine capabilities

    sowjanya mavileti

      Hello All,


      I have a requirement to view tableau dasboards offline on IPAD. I've been looking for the offline capabilities for a while and found no appropriate solution. I explored couple of blogs but nothing seem to suffice my need.


      Appreciate if anyone can help me on this.




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          Shawn Wallwork

          I'm not an Apple or iPad guy, but essentially you'll need to extract your data source(s), then save as package (twbx) workbook. That zips everything together and can then be read by Reader or Desktop. But of course it's not secure. The data can be gotten to.





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            Simon Runc

            As Shawn describes, is the only way to view Tableau Dashboards off-line...however IPAD doesn't have a viewer (to my knowledge...like Shawfn I'm not an IPAD guy!). When you open, view and interact with a Tableau Model, the viewer/desktop/server is required to 'interpret' the visualization (VizQL). The desktop installation is 1GB, and really needs at least 8MB RAM....so can't see how Tableau could create a version that would a) fit on an IPAD b) be powerful enough to make it a good experience.


            There is Vizable (Tableau's free App)...but this just lets you create quick visualizations of data you've been sent/have-stored, on the fly.

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