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    Help Creating Calc based on member in Set ?

    Dario Restrepo

      Hi everyone,


      I would like to see if someone could please help me out.  I am trying to create a simple Calculation with each of the members in a set.


      The members of my set include :   Portfolio (A), Portfolio (B), Portfolio (C), Portfolio (D), Portfolio (E), Portfolio (F)

      The simple ratio calculation I am trying to create is:   sum(Portfolio (A))/sum(Total Folio) for each of the Portfolio types in the set.


      Is it possible that I can create this type of formula so that I can get the ratio for each of the members in the set?  Portfolio's A - F?


      I am able to create this simple ratio at the individual level, which I have done for the calculation in my workbook (see calc. "Folio Segment/Total Folio") but this can be very time consuming if my set has over 100 members and need to create a ratio formula for each member of the members individually.   I'm sure there must be an easier and more efficient way but I'm not sure how to go about it.


      Thanks and hope I my explanation made sense.   Attached is the workbook for those who can try and help.


      Happy 4th of July to everyone this weekend!