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    get Tableau screens for common, right and left from filter on same table

    Abhishek Gautam

      Hi team,

      Please help me in resolving the issue which we are facing. I am currently using Tableau 9.0.


      There is a data which we are fetching from DB and receiving in Tableau desktop as attached in the excel sheet (sheet named as "DATA").


      In Tableau, user will select 2 dates (Date1 and Date2) on some other tableau worksheet, based on those selected dates we need to compare corresponding values of criteria.


      So we need 3 worksheets,
      1) CommonImpact - which will compare the common criteria values as shown in the excelsheet attached (Sheet named as CommonImpact)
      2) RemovedDate1_impact - which will show only the criteria & their values from Date1 which are not there in DATE2
      3) NewDate2_impact - which will show only the criteria & their values from Date2 which are not there in DATE1

      Unfortunately, I cannot use where clause to get the direct data from oracle DB with respect to each selected date, as dropdown list of Dates are not dynamic.



      Please let me know how to generate the 3 worksheets in tableau as described above.


      Thanks and Regards,