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    Assistance required with “Daily Delay Distribution” along a “24hr Axis” for Period 6:00am to 6:00am

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with regards how to go about configuring the Delay Distribution along a “24hr Axis” for the Period 6:00am to 6:00am for each Operational Day of our operational week.

      • Operational Week is “168 hrs” defined as: Monday 6:00am to Monday 6:00am
      • Operational Day is “24 hrs” defined as: 6:00am to 6:00am (E.g. Monday 6:00am to Tuesday 6:00am….etc.)



      • I have five types of measures to be charted on my Daily 24hr axis, namely

      1.       Scheduled Maint Delay

      2.       Unscheduled Maint Delay

      3.       Scheduled Ops Delay

      4.       Unscheduled Ops Delay

      5.      Operating Time during this 24hr Period (Not sure how to define this measure yet in Tableau!)



      • I have managed to chart the five measures as overall “SUM Values” in a 24hr period for each day of the week (See attached workbook sheet “Performance Heat Map Distribution”), however


      • I need my “New chart” to distribute the five measures relative to where they are actually occurring during the 24hr period, and this is where it gets tricky (I did attempt to configure the chart, see attached workbook sheet “Daily Delay Distribution” along a “24hr Axis”)
      • The first four measures are actual calculated measures, however the 24hr Period Operating Time measure needs to be assigned to all the time periods between the noted four delay measures (I believe it probable that a new “Operating Time (24hr Period)” calculated field will need to be created to fill in the areas between the four delay measures?)



      • I have placed an image of what the measure distribution 24hr chart for Week 26 should look like in the workbook dashboard
      • My workbook is attached


      Any guidance will be most appreciated,