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    Custom Data Provider

    Sagi Karni


      I'm currently evaluating your product and have a question regrading custom data provider.

      We have build our own data store and an ODBC provider which allows to connect to our data source.

      1. Can I set Tableau , so my users could fetch data from my data source (In my current implementation the ODBC provider is installed on users desktops and they could retrive the data using excel custom data connection)

      2. In case of a custom data store , What are the published models that Tableau supports :

      a. Does Online real time queries are supported

      b. Does data extracts supported ?



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          I'd suggest starting here: Tableau and ODBC | Tableau Software


          Depending on the connection, you may be able to connect live (real-time queries) with an ODBC connection or Tableau may require that you create an extract. There are limitations with using ODBC instead of our native connectors. If your users are using Excel to import the data first, however, you can point Tableau at the Excel files live, or build an extract.


          Does this help?

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