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    Username parsing in query


      Hi Experts ,


      To identify which user(Ad-hoc user) is hitting the massive  queries from Tableau to DB we have written below logic it was worked in 9.0.4 when we upgrade the environment same logic is not working


      can you please let us issue is occurring here


      logic was applied


      created calculated dimension(Audit_username)  like Username ()

        we have added the Audit_username dimension to Data Source Filters area

        Click on Add and select the above created dimension (Audit_UserName) ,click on ok à go to condition Tab and select the “By formula” write below formula it’s not filtering any data, it’s a filter that is always TRUE and click on ok





      Publish the data source to the server as live connection


      Whenever using this connection and retrieve data from database, the username is also send to and caught in query logs.


      We have tested this  functionality in HANA and this is how the query looks like in logs





      But now we have upgraded environment  after that user is now showing in query . it just showing like null