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    Need a different calculation in totals

    chandu sai

      From the screenshot below:

      In "FinalCalculation" column total is the average of 'Q1&Q2' but I need total to be calculated based on formulas shown below.

      And the result should be like screenshot: TableB (Hightlighted row in yellow)

      Formulas Used:

      TotalsByHistory= (Totals/History)*365

      sum of NO.ofDAYSinQTR = Hardcoded values for each quarter

      FinalCalculations = (TotalsBYHistory)/(No.ofDAYSinQTR)


      Is it Doable?

      Workbook is attached.

      And Thanks in Advance.




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          chandu sai

          Is it possible to do this calculation?

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            I don't know what is the format of original data source, but assuming that's below.


            Starting from Pivot the data first.


            Then Create calculated field as different measure for each category of Total, History, and Number of days.



            if [Calculations]="Totals" then [Pivot field values]end


            if [Calculations]="History" then [Pivot field values]end

            [Number of Days]

            if [Calculations]="Avg. DaysinPeriod" then [Pivot field values]end


            Then create two more calculated field using above two.



            [Final Calculation]

            [TotalbyHistory]/sum([Number of Days])

            Group Quarters

            [Half a year]

            if CONTAINS([Pivot field names],"Q1")


            CONTAINS([Pivot field names],"Q2")

            then "Q1,Q2"


            CONTAINS([Pivot field names],"Q3")


            CONTAINS([Pivot field names],"Q4")

            then "Q3,Q4"


            Then add Total.