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    Sum for percenatges in grand total or Top N, Rest categorized as Others

    chakradhar kakani

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I'm trying to figure out a calculative of % of total. I have attached the dashboard to this post. I have two sheets in the twbx sheet 15 and sheet 16


      in Sheet 15 - I'm trying to figure out the calculate field % of total and I want only top 3 customer name and grand total to be sum of the top 3 Percentages. when I'm using the RANK function calculate the top 3 but im getting the grand total as 100% or is there way to just to sum the percenatges and show the grand total


      or on sheet 16 is there any way just to get the top 3 customer name percentages by sales and rest to others to be categorized as others so in this way when you add up it will be 100%.


      Please help me.!!!!!