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    Different count of RUNNING_SUM on Extract vs. Live Connection

    Clarence Magsalin

      Hi All,


      We have a bar graph with a running total calculation that's supposed to match figures from another sheet. 

      While it's working fine in TDE (Extract) setup, switching to Live connection results in a discrepancy of count. (See 2nd image below)

      Some of our considerations are:

      - Our goal is to ultimately use the Live connection.

      - Cannot use LOD (Level Of Detail) calculations since we're using Live.

      - TDE/Live connection is Google BigQuery.


      Calculation of the worksheet we're trying to match (999,026).



      Calculation of the running total of the bar graph:

      RUNNING_SUM(COUNTD(IF [Calculation] = 'new'
      THEN [Field]
      ELSE null


      Tableau Data Extract

      x conn.png


      Live Connection - not sure why the count decreased (997,329), but our concern is the bar count(1,019,618) is not matching 997,329.

      l conn.png


      We're inferring that it may be something to do with the scripts generated by Tableau to parse into BigQuery, that may be different from it's own calculations in an Extract setup.


      Anybody can confirm/suggest a workaround? any input is greatly appreciated.