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    Shading Filtered-Out States (Filled Map)

    Alexander Jue

      Hi all,


      I am a new user to Tableau, so this question may be fairly straightforward and/or already answered. My workbook (MCO Maps (2016.06.29)) is available on Tableau Public and can be viewed here.


      I have a map of the US with enrollment figures for a series of companies. I have created a filter so that enrollment figures for specific companies show up on the map.


      At the moment, when I use my filter for a specific company (i.e. MCO), states where the MCO does not have enrollment figures disappear -- this creates an illusion of floating states. I would like the "disappearing" states to appear shaded in a different color (i.e. not green) -- is this possible? For example, when I filter out "N/A" from the MCO filter, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming all disappear/turn white?


      Thanks for any help and insight you can provide!