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    Data Formatting

    Morgan Strong

      Hi All -


      Wasn't sure how to label this question, but what I am trying to accomplish is create a table or visual for reconciliation purposes. What I currently have in my backend DB are a series of columns (3 for an individual attribute). For example:


      - Attribute A Source/Attribute A Target/Attribute A Status


      The status column compares the source and target columns and says if they tie out or not. In some of my tables I have over 100 attributes, so over 300 columns and am expecting several thousand rows of data. What I want to show is the count of how many time each Attribute Passes and Fails (status column), and then be able to drill down into those records that passed or failed. Something like below.



      I have been trying to do this but I don't think this is possible. Does anyone have an alternative solution, or a different suggestion on how I should display this data? I could also change the backend if that's necessary. I have attached a sample workbook for reference. I am also working off Tableau 9.1




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          David Mannering

          Since you said you can change the back end, I would recommend changing the input file format.

          Tableau would be better able to handle this data and produce your counts if you had one attribute per record:


          Attribute Source Target Status

               A         Tall      Tall     PASS

               A         Tall      Short  PASS

               B         Brown  Brown PASS



          You might also want to add a date column or something else to uniquely identify the record.

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            Morgan Strong

            Hi David,


            Thank you for the suggestion.  The only concern I have for your approach is the fact I'll have a large number of attributes, and I'm expecting my rows to already be in the thousands. I'll end up having several hundreds of thousands records in the table. Should this be a concern?




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              David Mannering

              Not a concern if you're using an extract.  We routinely work with tables with tens of millions of rows that have more than 100 columns. With as few columns as your data will have Tableau won't even break a sweat.