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    Change colormap on filter

    Klo Uo

      I have a radio box filter, and a value marks dimension (named as "value" for each filtered variable):




      Is it possible to change value mark colormap on filter change?

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          I mocked up something, but I'm not sure if it meets your requirement.

          Basically, it separates Value into CO and CO2, and then pulls up the

          appropriate value when Selected.


          In the attached example the high is 6 for CO and 25 for CO2.

          Did you want 6 to be associated with the darkest green for CO,

          or did you want the darkest green always to be associated with 25?


          Also, were you seeking to change to a completely different color upon selection?



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            Klo Uo

            Thanks Swaroop!


            Your workbook looks interesting. I wanted to use same colormap, but just change the center point (Edit Colors > Advanced dialog) for each variable. Having custom start/end points is also acceptable.


            I opened your workbook in Tableau reader, but can not see how you made it. Can you tell me what you did?



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              My data is set up as Type (CO,CO2), Value.

              I have a parameter [SelectType].

              CO values are in [CO]:

              IF [Type]="CO" THEN [Value] END

              Likewise for [CO2]:

              IF [Type]="CO2" THEN [Value] END


              I filter the data to whatever is selected:



              [SelectedValue] is:

              IF [Type]="CO" THEN [CO]

              ELSE [CO2]



              So when [SelectedValue] is placed on the color shelf,

              the range will only be that of CO or CO2.

              So in this scheme, the darkest green will be the highest value

              of whatever is selected.