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    Create latest date for an entry and add specific rows to columns

    Mihai Adrian Negru



      I am working on a reporting dashboard for projects. I have an SQL database as a data source. I have been mostly working with excel files until and I am sure my lack of knowledge with relational databases is making my life harder.

      So I have three tables: Project Table(containing information about the project and an ID), Status Update table (the ID of the project, date of the update and several KPI indicators), Project timeline( ID of the project, date of the status update, and the different phases of the project).


      We can see that there is a relation between the three tables and what I want to do is to create a Sheet showing the following data:

      Most recent reporting dateProject NameStatus (based on the most recent reporting date)Project Start(based on the most recent reported timeline)Project End (if the Project end is reported in which is again based on the latest reported timeline)




      My problem is to show the last reporting date and project start and project end on the same row.

      Could anyone help me?


      Kind regards,