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    Week start Date on date range slider filter

    Gatik Vij

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a dashboard which refreshes weekly. I am trying to provide the user with date range slider filter but i am unable to set date values to be displayed as the start date of the week.


      For example-: date range should consist of values like -> (#01/01/2016#,#07/01/2016#,#14/01/2016#)


      I tried creating a calculated field using datetrunc('week',[Date]) but still it slides through the complete range of intermediate dates between max-min date range.

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          Have you made sure the filter is set to "exact date"?


          Creating weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly views

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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Gatik,


            There's a property of continuous dimension date filters --

            both Date Range and Relative Date ones -- which makes them fast to compute.

            For a Range filter one should define only one or two boundary date values

            (or compute them as MIN / MAX from the dataset when Only Relevant Values is set).

            For a Relative filter there's nothing to compute from the dataset at all -- just set the Ancor Date.


            It means that one shall not look (most of the time) at the actual values of a date field to set the filter.

            On the opposite, for discrete dimension date filters, one should calculate their values to build a filter.


            The flip side of a coin with Date Range filter is that the boundaries could be just any other date --

            not necessary the dates derived from the actual date field values. Moreover, using Slider as a control

            both lower and upper bound are selected (uniformly) from a Calendar. It's easy and convenient.


            The way you would like a Slider to behave is contrary to the "nature" of a Date Range filter.

            This "nature" is a matter of some frustrating behaviours, such as the one discussed below:

            Date range filters on day, not month level

            How to filter dates by month, without being sensitive to the exact day of the month


            As a resort, you may want to opt for the two Parameters (both lower and upper date)

            and set them both as Date / Allowable Values : Range / Step Size : 1 Week.

            Thus you would be using a couple if sliders on a view (no single one, sorry).


            Hope this could help.




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