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    How do I group my data into 'before' and 'after' a date?

    Andy Spink

      Following 'Brexit', I need to monitor activity that occurred before and after the 24th June 2016, and I thought the best way would be to create a new field labelled 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' and use the field to split the data into two colour groups for easy interpretation.


      This is the calculated field I have started with:


      IF [Date] >= 23/6/16 THEN "BEFORE"

      ELSEIF [Date] <= 24/6/16 THEN "AFTER" END


      From this I get the following message: 'Can't compare datetime and float values'.


      What can I do to correct this formula or is there a better method I haven't thought of? My data is sensitive so if this can be resolved without an attached workbook that would be ideal.