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    Formatting Time and Date for a forecast

    Kevin O'Connor

      Good Afternoon,


      I am attempting a forecast in Tableau 9.3 and I am having trouble formatting the date to provide an accurate forecast.


      I convert the date from discrete to continuous, but all my forecasts end up being horizontal lines, as seen in the below.  My date formatting mirrors what I see in the my superstore dataset, with the exception of the x-axis; my data in the image below appears to be broken out by month (on the x-axis), while the superstore data appears to be broken out be year.  I ultimately want my data to reflect change and forecast from month-to-month, but is there something I need to do with the axes? 


      I have also attached an excel doc with the date formatting included and stripped-down data.  Thank you


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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Kevin,


          It looks like Tableau could not find

          any patterns in your data

          good enough to forecast.


          For monthly seasonality, one needs

          at least a full 12-month period of data,

          better to have a full 24 months of data.


          For a quarterly forecast one needs 9 consecutive quarters.


          If what you see as a forecast doesn't make sense,

          you may want to look at the Forecast Options (to change some)

          and at the Forecast Description (to see the quality and the factors

          of the chosen model).


          Hope it makes sense.