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    Column/Row Header Disappearing when Filtering- Version 9.2

    Andi Zekthi

      Tableau Version 9.2

      All, I have attached a very simple workbook of which should visualize what I am running into. When I employ a filter and ultimately use the filter, it filters as it should. My problem is that it removes the column and row headers that do not apply. I am hoping to create a static set of column and row headers or utilize logic to input a 0 if the value doesnt exist ultimately forcing the headers to be displayed; either of these would work for me.


      I have tried the following table calculation to no avail:



      This produces 0's but doesn't keep items with out data displaying.


      Below you will find the output when the filter is set to 'All'


      Below you will find the output when set to 'BA PC'


      As you can see the second screen shot filtering ends up omitting Pool '364' and '366' ... This is due to their not being any data for those pools. This happens to all filtered Entities. Understandably Tableau works this way.


      Does anyone have any insight into how one could make the 'pool' and 'pay date' headers static? If I omitted anything of value, please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.