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    Scrollbars keep appear when publishing to server

    Joe Milo

      Hi- I have a dashboard with 6 worksheets on it. Each of the sheets is a vertical bar chart. On the desktop version, it looks fine. However, when I publish to the server, I get vertical scrollbars. The scrollbars don't do anything, i.e, they don't even have space to scroll up/down on them, but they keep showing up.


      I've tried tiled containers, fit to entire view, fit to width, fit to height, and they still show up. I've also tried all floating containers, and they still show up. I've tried removing all but one container, then making the one container very tall, and the scroll bar STILL shows up. I'm not clear on what other factors to change to get rid of these scrollbars? I've even tried changing the size of the workbooks, but they are still there. Any ideas?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Well it sounds like you've tried everything I would try, but of course there are multiple combination of all those test solutions. Try this:


          • All floating sheets (without any containers)
          • Set all sheets to fit Entire
          • Size the sheets so they don't have scroll bars
          • Set dashboard size to Exact (whatever you're using)


          Take a screenshot of this in both Desktop and Server and post it here. (If you're using Chrome you can just copy and paste them into your reply.)





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            Joe Milo

            Hi Shawn - thanks for the reply. Here are the screenshots you asked about: The first 2 are what I'm trying to do. Looks fine on desktop, I do have a little blank space at the top and bottom for filters and legends that will be on the final version. These are no containers, floating, fit to entire. Dashboard is set to exact. You can see the scrollbars in the second pic down.


            The 3rd and 4th screenshots are what I was experimenting with. I removed all but one chart, then sized it bigger, and then published. The scrollbar still shows up in the published version.


            Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.









            Published to Server:




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              Shawn Wallwork

              And EVERYTHING is floating. (Not tiled.) And every worksheet is set to Fit Entire. And the Dashboard is set to a specific and Exact x/y. And there are No Container on this dashboard. If all this is true, try:


              • Using a different browser
              • Making your Headers taller for each chart
              • In your browser zoom in


              Does any of this help?