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    JS API Issues

    Jason Rendel



      I'm struggling to use some of the JS API samples provided.  There seems to be a disconnect with the Sheet vs Worksheet objects. 


      viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet() returns a sheet...

      viz.getWorkbook().activateSheetAsync() returns a promise that returns a sheet...



      selectMarksAsync() or applyFilterAsync() among many others from the samples aren't available on a Sheet object.


      Instead you need to jump through unexpected and undocumented hoops to get a Worksheet object


        _viz.addEventListener(tableau.TableauEventName.TAB_SWITCH, function(e){


            if(e.getNewSheetName() != "Performance")


              var newSheetName = e.getNewSheetName();


              console.log("Not performance..." + newSheetName);

              console.log("...let's try to set the optional field picker.");


              _sheet = _viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().getWorksheets().find(function(s){return s.Name = newSheetName;});       


              _sheet.applyFilterAsync("Optional Field Name", "Division", tableau.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE);       





      That's just crazy....


      Then I attempt the call to applyFilterAsync() and I get a 500 server error.


      Using the JS API is pretty frustrating so far I'm finding.    I tried the support team but they just encouraged me to post this out here.


      Has anyone had any luck with the calls to applyFilterAsync()?