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    How to Total In-Force Policies when taking into account Creation, Renewal and Cancellation/Reinstatement Events

    Michael Sobelman

      So I've been looking around trying to find the answer in an existing post, but I couldn't find anything so I guess I'll make a post.


      I would like to visualize a total of currently active policies over time and in my searches I have come across a number of in-force solutions but it seems they all pertain to only two dates: Start and End, but the issue is my data is formatted as one table with 4 events. PolicyCreated, PolicyRenewed, PolicyCancelled, and PolicyReinstated. The issue I'm running into is calculating the end date in relation to whether or not the policy was renewed. Most of my attempts have ended up showing either Renewals as new policies or subtracting policies on the created events expiration date even though they have been renewed.



      For more clarity on my data: When a policy is created or renewed it will always expire in 6 months from the date it was created/renewed on unless it is cancelled. A reinstatement will restore a policy that was cancelled less than 10 days ago.