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    Data connection for a map visualization

    Winson Lui



      I have 2 excel spreadsheets.

      One includes two columns, sales figure and country name short form (e.g. GBR, CHN)

      Another one is a refercne list for the country code including two columns also. Column A shows the full country name (The United Kingdom) and column B show the country code (e.g. GBR).

      I would like to visulise the data on a map with colour gradient by sales figure.

      Since not all the short form of the country names may be recoognised by Tableau, I would like to make use of the reference list.

      Would you please tell me how I can visualise the data on a map based on the sales figure in one spreadsheet and the country list in another spreadsheet?



      This is what I currenly have.

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          khalid norat

          Stick the data on 2 separate sheets in the same excel workbook


          Connect to the excel file from tableau


          you will be able to drag both sheets on to the data connection view where you can set relationships


          You need a left join with you figures on the left and reference sheet on the right


          once you have done this


          if your country names have not been recognised as a geo field (World Logo next to Field name) then right click the dimension go to geographical role and select country


          Now pull the country and measure required on to sheet and select Map on show me


          anything else you need help with give me a shout or if you get stuck following the above instructions.

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            Winson Lui


            It is useful.

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              khalid norat

              Please mark as helpful and if it has answered your question please mark the thread as answered.


              If you have any further questions or unable to produce the visualisation you require please share some sample data or sample workbook and myself or another community member can assist