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    View Time Period By Year, Quarter or Month in Dashboard

    Eric Sturgeon

      Hello, in my dashboard I have a column graph with time periods as the x-axis.  By default, the dates are viewed by quarter.  I see that the user can drill down using the plus symbol to view by month, but there's no minus symbol to go back to viewing by quarter.  I coudln't find a solution to this, so I tried creating a parameter so that the user can select to view the data by year, quarter or month with a quick filter.  After creating the parameter, I'm now trying to create the calculated field but I'm getting an "Unknown function QUARTER called" error.  Below is how I've setup the calculated field:


      CASE [View Time Periods By:]

      WHEN 'Yearly' THEN (YEAR([Time Period]))

      WHEN 'Quarterly' THEN (QUARTER([Time Period]))

      WHEN 'Monthly' THEN (MONTH([Time Period]))



      Does anyone know why this isn't working?  Or alternatively, is there an easier way to drill down AND UP in the dashboard?