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    Need a filter option for remove and add Dimension from Dashboard

    Amit Kumar

      Dear Team,


      Please find the attached .twbx file and let me know :


      1. I need to show my filter option in horizontal After Dashboard Text - and How I can

      2. I need to add one more filter option for Dimension - If I select and deselect the columns, It should to play Hide / Seek. Suppose I don't want to see column 2 and 3, I will deselect. It will not show in my Dashboard.

      3. Can we create a button for Refresh - like Start or Stop or any filter condition I just want to see last 5 hrs. refresh data, So I will click on 5 Hrs. I can do the visualization for the same, Or suppose if want to see entire data, I will see entire data.


      If possible you can do the develop in the same .twbx, you can and revert back to me.


      Thanks in advance.



      Amit K