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    Can I use MS SQL Linked Servers in Tableau Server?

    Mark Goodwin

      I am using MS SQL linked servers in a Custom SQL query used for a Tableau data extract.  It works fine in the desktop.  The query looks something like this:





      FROM server1.database.schema.table tbl1 

      LEFT JOIN server2.database.schema.table tbl2


      When I publish to Tableau Server, and attempt to perform an extract,  I get the message "Sign in failed." 

      If I take out one of the linked servers from the query, my refresh performs successfully.  It works on both databases individually on Tableau Server, but when trying to used linked servers on Tableau the "Sign in failed." message is shown.


      I was hoping someone might have some insight into what configuration option I am perhaps missing on Tableau server?  I am using an AD account to connect to the servers as SQL accounts are not allowed.


      If you have any insight, I would be much appreciative.