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    Count Events Already In Progress




      I have spent some time now research this thread (Re: How to count distinct users on a running period ) trying to help solve my question. However this is slightly different.


      Step A: I am looking at data from Fire Department Calls and am trying to show the:

      1. The Number of Incidents In Progress from Parameter Start (Such as Dispatched; or Call Time)
      2. The Number of Incidents In Progress at time of Parameter End (such as In Service)


      Step B: Because each incident may have more than one unit respond, I would like to look at this at the Unit Code Level.


      Step C: I would like to add a parameter control for users to select:

      1. Show By Incident Or Show By Unit
        1. If Incident, the time calc would be Min Time Start (like Min Dispatched Time) and Max End Time (like Max In Service)
        2. Similar with Units but Min/Max not needed.


      The excel formula I have been using is a SUMPRODUCT(--($C$2:$C$27097<=C2),--($D$2:$D$27097>=C2))-1 Where C is Min Dispatch time and D is Max In Service Time. (Note that Tab "By Unit has been filtered by certain units"); Complete data set under tab "Data".


      Thank you in advance!